Say Anything!

Since William passed away, I feel that I have learned who will truly be there for you when you need them. I also have learned who will stay around to still help pick up the pieces in the weeks and months after. I have also realised who hasn't been there for us at all. Would... Continue Reading →

The day our hearts broke

Our baby died. Yes, our baby boy. Our baby didn't live for a single second outside of my womb. At 39 weeks gestation, my body started to shut down, due to complications with my liver. I had Acute fatty liver of pregnancy, (links to info page) which meant my body could no longer support the... Continue Reading →

My 10 Happy Things!

I've been nominated by my beautiful cousin Jen over at Then There Were Three to make a post of my Ten favourite things. Here goes! These are not in order by the way... 1. Cooking! I just love to eat. I also love preparing meals. All that chopping, peeling, slicing, stirring, dicing? It relaxes me!... Continue Reading →

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