Every single part of the human experience has at least one element that a parent of a child ponders upon. But when your baby dies, these "I hope our baby will..." are certain to change to "I wonder if our baby would..." When you meet your baby for the very first time, you are just... Continue Reading →

The ups and downs of loss

Someone said to me that grief is like the ocean. It can be calm, and it can be stormy. When people have asked me how I've been, I say "good days and bad days." Which is true. I'll tell you, some days are easier than others. The sea is calm and I'm just floating around.... Continue Reading →

A lifetime of knowing loss.

Since losing William, I know so many people have spoken to us of their own losses. But one person has taken it pretty hard. My Nanna. My Dad's Mam lost my uncle when he was just 6 weeks old. Her first born. Anthony Bradley. She still mourns him, well over sixty years on. Something I've... Continue Reading →

My darling husband

A letter to you, my darling husband. I see the pain behind your eyes every single day. I see the sadness even when you sleep. I watch you sometimes for just a moment. Your chest rising and falling as you breathe. And I wonder what you're thinking. How you're truly feeling. I see that you... Continue Reading →

Say Anything!

Since William passed away, I feel that I have learned who will truly be there for you when you need them. I also have learned who will stay around to still help pick up the pieces in the weeks and months after. I have also realised who hasn't been there for us at all. Would... Continue Reading →

The day our hearts broke

Our baby died. Yes, our baby boy. Our baby didn't live for a single second outside of my womb. At 39 weeks gestation, my body started to shut down, due to complications with my liver. I had Acute fatty liver of pregnancy, (links to info page) which meant my body could no longer support the... Continue Reading →

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